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If you look up the expressionless story (about the lady from the Cedar Sinai hospital in 1972) it is a fake story. Some guy wrote it on 4chan and tumblr posted it making it sound real. Not sure where the picture came from but it is fake. You can see on 4chan the dude getting critiqued on how to make the story better. It’s a rip off of a horror show called Masters of Horror that has an episode titled Jenifer. That is all. Fucking freaky tale though.

Actually, i wrote that and it did not get written on 4chan, whoever put my story on there has stolen it from me. 

I originally wrote it for my page Ivysir ( and the original post is here:

If you go onto the CreepyPasta wikia, you’ll see it’s author is Ivysir with a photo of me.

Yes, it is fake & yes, it could’ve been written better. But no, it is not a knockoff of whatever show you are describing, i’ve never even heard of it. I wrote it off the top of my head based on a homeless person who came into the hospital years ago and attacked the staff members, the photograph just added another dimension of creepyness to it.

Glad i actually checked my tumblr for once, didn’t realise my OC CreepyPasta’s are so popular.

Just for future reference, i only have 4 at the moment:

"The Expressionless"
"A New Playmate"

And a RL experience i just finished writing on my page which i will be posting onto the wikia soon.

All future OC CreepyPasta will be posted on my tumblr account for future reference so that people don’t steal it anymore.

Glad everyone is enjoying it though, never thought it would reach this far.

- Teej.  

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