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Null & Void: 5 Documentaries that will leave you shaking, crying & thinking.


Cropsey - USA (2004, Prem. 2009)

A documentary determined to uncovering the truth of a local urban legend, what Barbara Brannaccio & Joshua Zeyman unearth is far more disturbing than any of the legends they have grown up with on Staten Island, New York. Satanists, homeless…

14 Notes

5 Documentaries that will leave you shaking, crying & thinking.

Cropsey - USA (2004, Prem. 2009)

A documentary determined to uncovering the truth of a local urban legend, what Barbara Brannaccio & Joshua Zeyman unearth is far more disturbing than any of the legends they have grown up with on Staten Island, New York. Satanists, homeless networks, disillusioned mental patients, child abductors and a difficulty to distinguish the fact from the fiction, drives this documentary forward for 90 dark and intriguing minutes. A winner at the Sundance, Tribecca & Cannes film festivals respectively in 2009, this is a must see documentary for any mystery/crime fans. But be careful what you wish for, you might just find out a little bit too much about Cropsey & what he gets up to at night by the old abandoned mental asylum. When the kids come out to play….Cropsey is not far behind. Available on Amazon, Netflix, VOD & iTunes.

Catfish - USA (2008, Prem. 2010)

If there was one documentary to be released that could make you want to delete your Facebook (and i imagine right now you’re all typing/texting the words OMG to your 1k+ friends on Facebook at the sheer hilarity of the notion that you’d delete Facebook), it’d be this gripping documentary, Catfish. While i don’t personally believe it is in fact: “The best Hitchcock film Hitchcock never directed”, it still delivers what it promises; a true story not inspired by true events or by a prior idea. It is one mans journey through a complex relationship and uncovering disturbing secrets on the way. This film will make you second guess everything you know at every turn & can potentially have you doubting the legitimacy of your own online following before it’s through. But more than anything, the one integral thing that makes this documentary so utterly compelling, gripping & even disturbing, is that it’s human & it is reality. It can happen to you, your friends, your family or even your dog, if he frequents social networking. (If he does, sell him to science and make a lot of money. Or, make your own documentary based on his experiences and the ability to be popular on Facebook and use the internet successfully. Bitches love a filmmaker.) If this film does not strike you as disturbing, i guarantee you it will make you pity the titular character Ned Schulmann, as filmed -whilst the strange events appear, unfold & ultimately smash- by his brother Ariel & best friend Henry Joost. Put it this way, fellow internet addicts & Facebookers, you will think twice before accepting an add from a super hot individual, and not because of your own confidence issues…. Currently available for £2.49 on YouTube or to view via VOD in the states.

Terry Pratchett’s Right To Die? - UK (2011)

Without a doubt, this has to be one of the hardest documentaries i have ever sat through. Not because it was cheesy, not because it was boring & certainly not because it was lacklustre. It was hard to sit through, because you are watching a man die in front of your eyes. This compelling documentary as presented/created by famed British Fantasy author & creator of the Discworld novels, Terry Pratchett, takes you on a journey through a handful of human beings (including Pratchett himself, who is a sufferer of Alzheimers) right to die when they feel it is time to leave the world before their debilitating disease takes a real grip and does not let them go out gracefully or even peacefully. During the course of the documentary, Pratchett meets a man that solidifies the sombre tone this documentary is attempting to set and the unpleasant atmosphere entering the room and making everyone aware of the preverbal elephant they’ve been trying so desperately to avoid for decades on end. This man, is Peter Smedley. He suffered from Motor Neurones Disease and was at a critical stage where if he did not make a choice there & then, he would lose the opportunity to “opt out” so to speak. What transpires is unflinching footage (with Terry, the film crew, Smedley’s wife & the carers in the room) giving him the first liquid to drink which he is told alone will not kill him but is the catalyst. He drinks. The second drink, he is told will react with the first & ultimately kill him. He acknowledges, drinks and peacefully sits there waiting for it to kick in. But that, is not the hard part. The hard part, comes when he is struggling to breathe & is asking in a dehydrated manner for water, he is told calmly he cannot take any while his wife holds onto him as he gently flails. Eventually, he slips into a strong sleep & then stops breathing. All caught on camera. This is a documentary you need to see & educate yourselves on. Because if reading me describe that scene evoked some kind of emotion, the actual visual imagery will overwhelm you. Currently on BBC iPlayer.

Talhotblond - USA (2009, Prem 2011)

This is a documentary that is important to all men, women & particularly children getting to grips with the internet, this should be a fucking mandatory video you have to watch before signing up for any kind of social networking website. The documentary is centred around three people involved in a love triangle: Talhotblond (Jessie), MarineSniper (Tommy) and BeefCake (Brian). Tommy consistently jumps from fantasy to reality, from a 46 year old ex alcoholic to an 18 year old rich marine whenever he’s online, addicted to talking to Jessie. However, when his lie to her is eventually exposed, Jessie retaliates, in a big way. A complex online love triangle centred around lies and sexual tension evokes disturbing realisations of our own necessity to perhaps be something we’re not in a world where no one we know can judge us for it. A lesson to learn, not only does everyone lie on the internet, but it is a powerful tool to utilise our darkest fantasies. Talhotblond will make you think twice about frequenting chartrooms. A 2009 Cannes Film Festival award for “Best Documentary” it is currently on demand at Netflix and in theatres around the United States.

Megan Is Missing - USA (2011)

Okay, so i wasn’t going to include this documentary (i was actually going to include Attenborough’s Frozen Planet) but this seemed to fit the list perfectly in terms of disturbing and educational, and it is for a good cause. Note: Do NOT watch this if you are of weak disposition, this film will grab you by the throat in terms of controversy and sexual depravity & not let you go even in the last few seconds. Unfortunately, inspired by true events (and no, they’re not just saying that). 14 year old Megan Stewart is the most popular girl in high school girl who masks it all behind a life of sex, drugs & alcohol, meeting boys online and all around doing the things kids think are “cool”. Her best friend Amy Herman, is the polar opposite. She’s shy and not that popular, her only social lifeline being through her best friend Megan. The two frequently chat via webcam or cell phone (a focal point for the film style) and heres the kicker; they meet guys online. Now plenty of teens/adults do this with no problems whatsoever, but i don’t need to tell you that there is always someone lurking in the shadows. However as we get older, we tend to become wiser & as such become less and less targetable by online predators. But young naive teens don’t, this if anything is an extreme lesson to learn & pass on to the current generation getting to grips with the internet. Danger doesn’t lurk around every corner, but if you go looking, you will find it

sooner or later. Currently available on Netflix, iTunes & Amazon.

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